Tunnels to link PM, VP homes to new Parliament building | India News – Times of India

Tunnels to link PM, VP homes to new Parliament building |  India News – Times of India

NEW DELHI: Security protocols for VVIPs like the PM and Vice-President entering and leaving Parliament will be less disruptive than at present with three underground tunnels linking the new PM residence, Vice-President’s house and chambers of MPs to the new Parliament building that is coming up fast.
The concept behind the tunnels is simple enough: If VIP movement could be insulated from the buzz and bustle
of Parliament, there would be fewer interruptions as when carcades move in and out of the complex. If the VIP passages were underground, they would be, quite simply, out of the way.
According to the Central Vista redevelopment plan, a new PM House and PMO will come up on the South block side and the new VP’s residence would be on the North Block side. The MPs’ chambers will come up where the Transport and Shram Shakti Bhawans are currently located, just across Parliament.
TOI learnt that the proposed tunnels are likely to be single lane since these would be used exclusively by designated persons. Sources said since these are small stretches, golf carts can be used to reach Parliament. They added the need for such a link from Rashtrapati Bhawan was not needed, as it was a distance away and the President‘s visits to Parliament are few and pre-scheduled.
Sources said the provision of subterranean routes have been made as the primary objective of the redevelopment of the Central Vista is to improve and ease public access to the area above and around the Parliament complex.
Currently, several stretches within the Central Vista and Lutyens Bungalow Zone are often barricaded for security reasons and VIP movements. These also inconvenience citizens on their daily commute. The public routes may only be used by the VIPs for ceremonial events, such as the Republic Day Parade.
“In the proposed development at the Central Vista, as a strategy to improve public access in the area for visitors and tourists, the routes of VIPs that need high security are segregated from regular public movement routes. The residences of the Vice President and the Prime Minister, and the chambers for the MPs are proposed in close proximity to the Parliament building, ”said the source.


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