Stock of the week: tremendous growth in the market, yet you can get better returns in these stocks


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  • Best Performing BSE Sensex Stocks 2020; You Can Get Better Returns In These Shares, Tocks To Buy Today, Stock Recommendations

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HDFC Securities has advised investors to buy United Spirit shares at a target of Rs 593. While you can buy Lupine’s stock at a target of Rs 1,120

  • The BSE
    Sensex gained 2,279 points last week.
  • The market cap rose to record levels during this period.

Last week, the stock market has been very strong. The Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) Sensex saw a gain of 2,279 points. Along with this, the market cap also rose to a record. Some stocks saw a significant rise during this period. Despite this, there are still a lot of stocks in which you can get more than 10% by investing.

City Union Bank shares gain 17%

Saurabh Jain of SMC Global has advised to buy the shares of City Union Bank. Its target is Rs 196. You can get an advantage of 17% in this. The bank’s business grew 4% year-on-year to Rs 76 thousand 857 crore. The lending has increased by 6% and it has been 35 thousand 437 crores. Deposit has increased by 2%. The bank’s interest income has increased by 2%. The bank has a gross NPA of 3.44%.

Heidelberg gains 20%

Saurabh Jain has advised to buy Heidelberg Cement shares at a target of Rs 230. It can get a return of 20%. The company mainly operates in Central India. However, it also operates a little in Uttar Pradesh and South India. The company has recently increased the capacity of its plant. Its sales declined by 2.29% in the second quarter.


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Sun Pharma targets Rs 585

ICICI Direct has advised to buy Sun Pharma stock at a target of Rs 585. The company’s revenue increased 5.3% to Rs 8,553 crore in the second quarter. The US formulations business grew 4.3% year-on-year to Rs 2,492 crore. Zee Entertainment has been advised to hold the stock at a target of Rs 195. The company’s EBITDA margin fell 18.2% in the second quarter.

84 million profit of Zee Entertainment

Zee Entertainment’s net profit in the second quarter stood at Rs 84 crore, a drop of 77.2% year-on-year. It has advised Cadila Healthcare to buy at a target of Rs 555. Cadila’s revenue in the second quarter was better than expected. The company plans to venture on the American front. The brokerage house has suggested holding shares of HDFC Ltd and NTPC. NTPC aims for Rs 88.

HDFC Securities Advice

HDFC Securities has advised investors to buy United Spirit shares at a target of Rs 593. While one can buy Lupine’s stock at a target of Rs 1,120. Lupine’s second quarter results have been good. The same brokerage house has suggested to buy JMC Project shares at a target of Rs 88. Its revenue has improved.


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